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thin shavings of fixed and embedded blocks of tissue, collected by biopsy or at necropsy examination, for histological or pathological microscopy.

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Q. What are the risks of C-section? See that all the pregnant movie stars are having C- sections instead of natural child birth. Maybe I should have one too, instead of giving birth regularly? Are there any risks?

A. Thanks.. Now I understand better the risks of c-section.

Q. How is a C-section done? My wife is expecting twins and her Doctor scheduled a C- section for her. How is it done?

A. My wife had a c-section done when we had our daughter. I did not get to see the procedure, but I did hear it. It was graphic, but really quick.

Q. When is a C-section needed? My wife is pregnant now and I wanted to know when do women need to have a C- section as opposed to natural birth?

A. sually a C- section is done when there are problems during labor like when the baby is in trouble or the labor is stuck and not progressing over a long period of time.

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At the close of the "Shield" Heracles goes on to Trachis to the house of Ceyx, and this warning suggests that the "Marriage of Ceyx" may have come immediately after the `Or such as was' of Alcmena in the "Eoiae": possibly Halcyone, the wife of Ceyx, was one of the heroines sung in the poem, and the original section was `developed' into the "Marriage", although what form the poem took is unknown.
Instantly my own eyes sought the mirror upon Tars Tarkas' back and in another second I was closely watching the section of the wall which had been disgorging its savage terrors upon us.
In like manner the Thark wheeled and leaped for the opening being made by the inswinging section.
This category encompasses claims that fall outside sections 62(a)(20) and 104(a)(2) but under either fee-shifting statutes, where the court awards legal fees directly to counsel, or "qualified settlement funds" covered by Treasury regulations section 1.
35(a)-(e) (discussed above), its persuasiveness and the taxpayer's good faith reliance will be "determined separately under applicable provisions of the law and Regulations, including particularly sections 6662, 6664, and new 6707A.
1503(d)-3(b)(2)(ii), for purposes of determining the items of income, gain, deduction (other than interest), and loss that are taken into account in determining the taxable income of a foreign branch separate unit, the principles of sections 864(c)(2) and (c)(4)--relating to the definition of effectively connected income--apply.
Patricia White was promoted to associate director for the Risk Analysis, Microstatistics, and Financial Reports sections.
In short, the court ruled that a suit seeking to recover environmental contamination cleanup costs under Section 113(f)(1) of the federal Superfund statutes is not available to a private party who undertakes a voluntary cleanup without suit having first been filed against it under Sections 106 or 107 (typically claims asserted by the U.
Ex-USS WADSWORTH (FFG-9) and ex-USS ESTOCIN (FFG-15) to the Government of Chile on a combined lease-sale basis in accordance with Sections 61 and 21, AECA.
Different conveyance properties for the two sections are usually accomplished by introducing different flight depths.
Thanks to the support of our sections and membership for bringing us this far.
provide sufficient mass to the core sections to allow proper cooling during solidification;