, pl.


(sek'shē-ō, sek-shē-ō'nēz),
In anatomy, a subdivision or segment.
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, pl. sectiones (sek'shē-ō, -ō'nēz)
anatomy A subdivision or segment.
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References in classic literature ?
In a transverse sectio within these valleys, the bottom is nearly level, or rises bu very little towards either side.
116 sectio Akupressur Sectio sonrasi bes gun (40) (2009) geciren anne boyunca kulak bolgesine akupressur uygulanmistir Zheng ve ark.
They were visible above a thick layer of ash with chunks of AaAeAeA concrete and sectio of sheet metal strewn around.
Kocki, "Influence of 4-methyl7ethoxycoumarin on apoptosis in leukaemic Jurkat cells," Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, Sectio DDD, Pharmacia, vol.
(18) Trata-se dos Elementa Philosophiae, dos quais o De Corpore forma a sectio prima, e De Homine a sectio secunda e o De Cive a sectio tertia.
Sit elliptica sectio AB facta secundum diametrum maiorem et sit truncata in altero vertice secundum lineam ordinatim applicatam transeuntem per punctum ex comparatone, ut est AC, circa quam AC circumvoluatur AB, fiet ex ea circumvolutione, ac signabitur concava superficies elliptica.
Its daily lunch and dinner buffets at the CafAaAaAeA@ Ilang-Ilang offer a substantial Halal sectio laden with a meze of starters, several main courses, various breads, vegetable side dishes, and a shawarma corner.
live from the plus at." He also told the court he "could not disagree" that implementing a casualty clearing area on a sectio of the pitch would "probably" have saved lives.