secretory granule

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se·cre·to·ry gran·ule

a membrane-bound vesicle, usually containing protein synthesized in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The protein is delivered to the Golgi complex and is packaged in the trans-Golgi network as secretory granules.
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(gran'ul?) [L. granulum, little grain]
1. A small, grainlike mass.
2. In histology, a small intracellular mass that has no apparent internal structure.

acidophil granule

A granule that stains readily with acid dyes.

albuminous granule

A cytoplasmic granule in many normal cells. It is not affected by ether or chloroform, but disappears from view when acetic acid is added.

amphophil granule

Beta granule.

azurophilic granule

A small red or reddish-purple granule that easily takes a stain with azure dyes. Found in lymphocytes and monocytes, it is inconstant in number, being present in about 30% of the cells.

basal granule

Basal body.

basophil granule

A cellular granule that stains with a basic dye.

beta granule

An azurophil granule found in beta cells of the hypophysis or islets of Langerhans of the pancreas that stains with both acid and basic dyes. Synonym: amphophil granule

chromophil granules

Nissl body.

cone granules

The nuclei of the cones, sensory cells of the retina. They form the outer zone of the outer nuclear layer of the retina.

delta granule

A small granule in the delta cells of the pancreas.

eosinophil granule

One of various granules that react with acid dyes. It is present in eosinophils.

glycogen granule

One of the minute particles of glycogen seen in liver cells following fixation.

juxtaglomerular granule

A granule found within the juxtaglomerular cells of the kidneys. Juxtaglomerular cells secrete renin.

Kölliker interstitial granule

A granule in the sarcoplasm of a striated muscle fiber.

metachromatic granule

An irregularly sized granule found in the protoplasm of numerous bacteria. It stains a different color from that of the dye used.

Much granules

See: Much granules

neutrophil granule

Any of the cytoplasmic granules of a neutrophil that often stain a pale blue.

Nissl granules

Nissl bodies.

pigment granule

A granule seen in pigment cells.

Plehn granule

A basophilic granule seen in the conjugating form of Plasmodium vivax.

protein granule

A minute protein particle found in cells.

rod granule

A nucleus of a rod photoreceptor found in the retina.

Schüffner granules

See: Schüffner, Wilhelm A. P.

secretory granule

Zymogen granule.

seminal granule

One of the minute particles in semen, supposed to derive from disintegrated nuclei in nutritive cells from seminiferous tubules.

zymogen granule

A granule present in gland cells, esp. the secretory cells of the pancreas, the chief cells of the gastric glands, and the serous cells of the salivary glands. It is the precursor of the enzyme secreted.
Synonym: secretory granule
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The secretory granule contained vacuoles with various electronic densities (Fig.
Ultra structurally, the size and shape of the secretory granules were non-uniform and generally spherical, ovoid, or rhabditiform in diameters of 300 to 430 nm, as well as 100 to 200 nm (Fig.
(b) Clomiphene-treated samples: the cells of the corpus are not secreting; in the lumen, no spermatozoa and secretory granules are evident (*).
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PMNL cell density, lipid accumulation, degenerative cell density, karyorrhexis and changes in the content of secretory granules were scored in histopathological examination.
In this period the lumen is filled with spermatozoa and secretory granules that pass in the third region, cauda, whose epithelium does not show any changes throughout the year.
MUC2 appears in two forms: mature, as a secretory product of goblet cells and immature, in secretory granules of cells that are not phenotypically goblet cells [5,17].
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Microscopy reveals shortened microvilli and villous atrophy with an increased number of secretory granules within enterocytes and membrane-bound inclusions on EM without crypt hyperplasia or inflammation, which was the case in our patient.