secretory component

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se·cre·to·ry com·po·nent

a polypeptide chain found in external secretions (for example, tears, saliva, colostrum) associated with immunoglobulins A and M. It also may occur in free form but when attached to dimeric IgA, it facilitates transport across the mucosal epithelial surface. The secretory piece is derived by proteolytic cleavage of the immunoglobulin receptor on epithelial cells.
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The band of H4JSC/H4L4J is composed of four IgA [alpha]-chains, J chain and secretory component or of four IgA [alpha]-chains, four [kappa]-chains, and J chain.
The cytoplasmic and transmembrane region of the receptor was proteolytically cleaved, the truncated receptor termed secretory component (SC) and released from the receptor together with dimeric IgA.
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