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Establish what resources may be required to support the secondee and the most appropriate person to manage the secondment.
Secondees should write reports on their experience at the end of their secondment, but such reports should focus on specifics rather than general descriptions.
The knowledge they'll gain during their secondment is exactly what they need to thrive in a dynamic workplace like the Emirates Group," said Amira Al Awadhi, Emirates' Vice-President, National Recruitment and Development.
Georgiades, the report said, had referred the audit office to the procedures followed by other EU institutions as regards the secondment of national experts.
After a secondment at the council she joined full-time in 2005 and was made head of major projects where she is responsible for high-profile projects such as accelerated development zones, the regional energy efficiency programme Warm-up North and the Super-connected Cities broadband programme.
"This other post was not really a secondment. She ended her council employment but has now walked straight back into a job more than a decade later.
According to the investigation, the proposal for the secondment was put forward by the then chief executive, Andrew Kerr, who now works at Wiltshire Council.
Randstad would then look for a secondment from one week to 10 months.
This secondment will provide me with a perfect opportunity to develop a national perspective on teaching methods.
Secondment is the temporary loan or attachment of an employee to another organisation--or a different part of the same organisation--for a specific purpose, for a defined length of time and for the benefit of all concerned.