secondary suture

sec·on·dar·y su·ture

delayed closure of a wound.
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Of the ulnar nerve injuries, primary suture was performed in 42 cases (immediate damage), whereas secondary suture in 49 cases (delayed damage).
In 48% of cases the treatment involved primary suture, 27% of patients had nerve reconstruction by autogenic graft (cable), in 19% of cases secondary suture was performed and in 6% nerve neurolysis was done.
However, the outcomes are poorer than that of a direct suture, be it a primary (up to 7 days after trauma) or secondary suture (thereafter) [5].
CASE REPORT: A35 years old woman presented at out institute in the Surgery department, she had an operation 14 years ago--elsewhere--L.S.C.S for intra uterine death of the fetus and at the stay of the hospital at this time as she had troubles with her surgical wound and she had repeated secondary sutures. The hernia is in the infra umbilical midline region, has a smooth surface, shows expansible impulse on coughing, there are some dilated veins on its surface, there is no tenderness, it has a uniform consistency, mobile, there are no pulsations, it contains small intestine, partially reducible, the defect is about 10 cmx14cms in diameter visible intestinal peristalsis visible with Debi cutis ulcer and the skin is thinned out.