secondary reinforcement

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sec·on·dar·y re·in·force·ment

reinforcement through something that, although it does not satisfy the need directly, has been associated with direct satisfaction of the need, such as the effect on behavior of a food or beer commercial on television.
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Concrete corbels containing neither primary nor secondary reinforcement failed in brittle manner with a noticeable difference in ultimate load.
It is clear from the results given in Table 6 that the primary and secondary reinforcement ratios increase as only the vertical load is increased.
1) The failure mode of corbels with neither secondary reinforcement nor primary reinforcement was brittle and explosive when corbel was subjected to only vertical loading;
The enhancement is noticeable until the percentage of secondary reinforcement reached to 0.
4) The PCI equations do not specify any limits on the ratio of primary and secondary reinforcement.
Reinforced corbel made with high-strength concrete and various secondary reinforcement, ACI Structural Journal 101(4): 345-368.
Provision of secondary reinforcements reduces crack widths, improves ductility, changes failure mode from diagonal splitting to ductile (Fattuhi 1995).
Tests on corbels made of high-strength concrete and various secondary reinforcements such as monofilament polypropylene fibres, steel fibres and plastic mesh were carried out by many researchers (Fattuhi 1987, 1990; Yong et al.
Secondary reinforcement in rats as a function of information value and reliability of the stimulus.
Secondary reinforcement strength with continuous primary reinforcement: Fixed ratio and continuous secondary reinforcement schedules.