secondary hypothyroidism

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deficiency of thyroid gland activity, with underproduction of thyroxine, or the condition resulting from it. In its severe form it is called myxedema and is characterized by physical and mental sluggishness, obesity, loss of hair, enlargement of the tongue, and thickening of the skin. In children the condition is known as cretinism. Called also athyria. adj., adj hypothy´roid.
pituitary hypothyroidism secondary hypothyroidism caused by a defect or lesion of the pituitary gland that interferes with production of thyrotropin; the majority of cases are caused by tumors.
primary hypothyroidism hypothyroidism due to disease of the thyroid gland itself, usually accompanied by increased levels of thyrotropin.
secondary hypothyroidism that caused by thyrotropin deficiency.
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sec·on·dar·y hy·po·thy·roid·ism

hypothyroidism that arises as a consequence of inadequate thyrotropin secretion by the anterior pituitary gland.
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Late post-operative complications included endocrine disorders, such as, secondary hypothyroidism (21.9%), osteopenia (15.2%), panhypopituitarism (12.6%), hypocortosolism (12.6%), osteoporosis (11.9%) and hypogonadism (11.3%).
On the basis of history, clinical symptoms and biochemical examination (Table 1 and 2) secondary hypothyroidism was confirmed.
An ultrasound was normal and she was told she had secondary hypothyroidism. What is this?
Several genetic disorders can increase the odds of obesity in children, including Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, Alstrom syndrome, primary or secondary hypothyroidism, and primary hyperinsulinism.
Based on these physical findings and on the laboratory results which included low levels of free [T.sub.4] and TSH, a diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism was made.
[8] A low TSH with a low FT4 may be a result of a failure of the pituitary gland (Secondary hypothyroidism caused by hypopituitarism) or a response to a significant non-thyroid illness.

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