secondary health care

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secondary health care

an intermediate level of health care that includes diagnosis and treatment, performed in a hospital having specialized equipment and laboratory facilities.


derived from another condition, the primary condition.

secondary attack rate
number of cases in the outbreak divided by the total number of susceptible animals in the population.
secondary carcinogens
relatively inert substances that are converted by a host-mediated reaction to an active carcinogen, e.g. nitrosamines, pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
secondary health care
the level of care in the health care system that consists of emergency treatment and critical care. Called also acute care.
secondary hypertrophic osteopathy
see hypertrophic osteopathy.
secondary immune response
see anamnestic response.
secondary pregnancy toxemia
pregnancy toxemia secondary to another condition which reduces the ewe's or cow's feed intake.
secondary radiation
see scatter radiation, compton effect.
secondary ruminal contraction
occurs after the primary ruminal cycles during feeding and terminate with eructation. See also reticuloruminal contractions.
secondary spongiosa
see secondary spongiosa.
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All the secondary health care facilities met the recommended number and cadre of skilled health workers in their maternal units'.
This is particularly true under DHS covering primary health and secondary health care.
Primary health care level nurses rated higher means of performance in the teaching and communication subscales while secondary health care level nurses scored higher means of leadership and critical care subscales of performance.
In Agok, she visited a primary and secondary health care center run by Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), where more than 2,000 children under five have been treated for severe malnutrition since the beginning of the year.
Participants in Case One and Two facilities used a combination of either the Torres Strait Islands Model of Primary Health Care or the Enhanced Model of Primary Health Care and the Interventionist Model of Secondary Health Care, while participants in Case Three facilities used the Interventionist Model of Secondary Health Care almost exclusively.
That means secondary health care professionals such as pharmacists and the nurse practitioners who staff Walgreens' Take Care clinics will play a greater role in helping patients manage their health care.
It supports government measures to enhance equipment and staffing levels at primary and secondary health care facilities, and to strengthen the quality of health workers, such as paramedics, nurses and midwives, through expanded training, improved facilities, and development of a comprehensive human resources plan.
They add, however, that over the long term, with increased access to secondary health care, "Birth asphyxia will then decrease in importance as a cause of death and will be replaced with congenital abnormalities.
Access to appropriate primary and secondary health care is inadequate or non-existent, leaving health outcomes below the standard expected in the NHS (RCPCH, 2009, p 2).
The forced separation of primary, tertiary and secondary health care services resulted in the downgrading and downsizing of Pelonomi Hospital to a 'level 2 plus' hospital.
6) The objective of this study was to assess nurses' knowledge about NR at a secondary health care level in western Nigeria.
In rural Ecuador, and throughout rural Latin America, there are no known models of sustainable secondary health care services that are financed locally, provide quality care, and offer services to the entire population.