secondary elaboration

sec·on·dar·y e·lab·o·ra·tion

the mental process occurring partly during dreaming and partly during the recalling or telling of a dream by means of which the latent (relatively disorganized and psychologically painful) content of the dream is brought into increasingly more coherent and logical order, resulting in the manifest content of the dream; an aspect of dream work.
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arises a second layer of variable thickness, loaded with secondary elaboration: it is the discourse of culture, of paternal constructions" (207).
But I am still delighted, however amateurishly, because so much of the philosophical or critical discourse has had at its center--guess what?--poems, and since I never expected secondary elaboration or clever stance to do away with what I feel to be alive at the center of poems (even, sometimes, in their peripheries, and even when the peripheries spread out until there seems little if any relation between one iota and another: not to go on too far with the figure, I mean, for example, as stars on the outrims of galaxies nearly lose their orientations with the core) I am peculiarly, perhaps, without complaint.

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