second-opinion program

second-opinion program,

n an opinion about the appropriateness of a proposed treatment provided by a practitioner other than the one making the original recommendation; some benefit plans require such opinions for selected services.
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March 30, Improving Health, Outcomes, Employee Satisfaction and Increasing Productivity Through CDHC, is a case study co- presented with long-time Benemax customer Lisa Hale, managing partner of Parallax Capital Partners, and Joseph Ternullo, associate director of Partners Telemedicine, an online second-opinion program that makes consultations with Harvard-affiliated specialists available to employees worldwide.
Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) and Chowgule Mediconsult Private Limited (CMPL) have jointly established a medical second-opinion program that will provide benefits to patients in India as well as the Philadelphia medical community.
This second-opinion program brings together the medical community of Philadelphia, regarded as among the best in the world, with a patient population eager to access our medical expertise," said Leonard Karp, executive vice president and chief operating officer of PIM.
Healthmarc provides a broad range of health care utilization management services, including hospital admission review, outpatient review, case management, discharge planning review, catastrophic case management, a health care information line and a guided second-opinion program.

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