second opinion

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Second Opinion

Fringe oncology
A group of professionals at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City, who in 1977 pressured hospital administration to release studies performed at MSKCC on the inconclusive results regarding the efficacy of laetrile.

While some fringe oncology advocates believe the results to be a conspiracy—i.e., that mainstream medical practitioners are hiding the cure to cancer—peer-reviewed data shows laetrile to be ineffective as a cancer treatment and potentially toxic.
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second opinion

Medtalk Formal or informal advice sought from a 2nd health professional regarding the diagnosis and/or therapy proposed by a 1st provider. See Consultation.
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second opinion

An independent professional review and assessment of a patient done to confirm, add to, or revise the diagnoses and proposed treatments of another medical professional.
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This provides patients with a remote second opinion, saving them time and, sometimes, putting their worries at ease.
"Whether living in small towns or abroad, now the patients will have a choice to get a second opinion from qualified doctors and make informed decisions.
"The study findings support the conclusion that referral for a second opinion is beneficial and has a diagnostic impact for many patients," the authors write.
"When you get a second opinion, you're asking for another physician to weigh in and come up with their own opinion as to what's going on," Dr.
To help support patients with their decision, Sn Dental is offering free second opinions on root canal treatments for all residents of Abu Dhabi, during Root Canal Awareness Week from May 6-12.
The employer is permitted to designate the provider furnishing the second opinion, but the selected provider may not be employed on a regular basis by the employer.
He said two documents provided to him by the health board about discharging children "are silent as to whether a parental request for a second opinion should automatically lead to an examination of the child by the senior doctor".
The pain management doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are able to perform a thorough medical review and physical examination, as well as review past and current x-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic tests, in order to provide a second opinion. The team can help a person better understand if:
It is a good idea for any start-up to have a second opinion from someone who is not vested in the business.
A new study (Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, April 4) reports that most patients who seek a second opinion are given a different or refined diagnosis.
Sometimes, however, you may need to make more difficult decisions, perhaps to seek a second opinion when the current treatment isn't working.
Your cat's veterinarian can recommend a second opinion from a board-certified specialist or you may request a referral.

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