second intention

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sec·ond in·ten·tion

(sek'ŏnd in-ten'shŭn)
Delayed closure of two granulating surfaces.
See also: first intention, third intention
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(in-ten'chon) [L. intentio, purpose, aim]
1. A natural process of healing.
2. A goal or purpose.

first intention

See: healing by first intention

second intention

See: healing by second intention

third intention

See: healing by third intention
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The perineal wound is left unsutured to heal by second intention.
Dehiscence of incision was serious problem following maxillectomy although conservative therapy is usually effective and wounds heal by second intention (Bichard, 1990).
One was left to heal by second intention, and one case was repaired by a dorsal metacarpal artery flap.
Surgical removal of the bursa can result in an excellent outcome but is not without risk since wound healing problems such as infection; dehiscence and healing by second intention may result in an unacceptable cosmetic appearance (Honnas et al., 1995).
To fully appreciate Poinsot's insight on this point it is perhaps best to note how representative being differs in first and second intention. Unlike the impressed species, which can never be directly known, representative being can indeed become an object of the intellect through an act of reflection or in second intention.
This confirmation of the relational bonding of knower with the known is maintained by the latter in terms of the origin and function of language, the nature of instrumental and formal signification, and the role of the concept within first and second intention (pp.
A "second intention" is a concept of something consequent upon that first knowledge.

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