seborrhoeic keratosis

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keratosis, seborrhoeic

Lesion of the skin appearing as brown or yellowish thickening of the skin of the face, eyelids and/or conjunctiva. It is common in the elderly and may be a precursor to squamous cell carcinoma. Management includes cryotherapy, local surgical excision or radiotherapy.
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Benign Tumours of the Orbit Tumour Number Percentage of Total Squamous papilloma 66 13.2 Nevus 136 27.2 Seborrhoeic keratosis 50 10 Intraepithelial neoplasia 30 0.6 Angioma 52 10.4 Other epithelial tumours 29 5.8 Soft tissue tumours 23 4.6 Source: Primary Data.
Skin disease Percentage of participants with skin disease (%) Xerosis 28 Seborrhoeic keratosis (hand) 14 Seborrhoeic keratosis (face) 13 Pressure ulcer 7 Cherry angioma 5 Actinic keratosis (hand) 3 Actinic keratosis (face) 2
We have taken only elderly individuals for the study, which in turn may be an independent risk factor for seborrhoeic keratosis. This may be the reason for lack of association with diabetes and obesity observed in the study.
Key words: Seborrhoeic keratosis, breast carcinoma.
Key words: Seborrhoeic keratosis, linear, symmetrical, candidiasis.
Seborrhoeic keratosis is the commonest benign skin tumour.1 Most people will develop at least one such lesion in their lifetime.
In fact it is the histological observation of a benign looking epidermal proliferation that prompted us to the diagnosis of seborrhoeic keratosis. More precisely, it conformed to the hyperkeratotic variety of seborrhoeic keratosis.