seborrhoeic keratosis

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keratosis, seborrhoeic

Lesion of the skin appearing as brown or yellowish thickening of the skin of the face, eyelids and/or conjunctiva. It is common in the elderly and may be a precursor to squamous cell carcinoma. Management includes cryotherapy, local surgical excision or radiotherapy.
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Abstract Seborrhoeic keratosis is the commonest benign epithelial tumour that occurs from middle age onwards most commonly on sun-exposed areas.
Key words: Seborrhoeic keratosis, linear, symmetrical, candidiasis.
In fact it is the histological observation of a benign looking epidermal proliferation that prompted us to the diagnosis of seborrhoeic keratosis.
Seborrhoeic keratosis has no predilection of sex and is somewhat less common in black races than in the white.