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A particular phase of some slow cyclic phenomenon, especially the annual weather cycle.
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Q. Regarding Seasonal Nasal allergy. My father is suffering from seasonal nasal allergies. He took a 24-hour loratadine pill, 5 hours ago. His nose is still running just like it was. Can I take a benedryl, or is it dangerous to mix loratadine and benedryl? What else can I do to stop my nose?

A. except well known drug interactions- most Dr. check it out with a computer program they have. you need to ask a Dr. or a pharmacist about it. but i can tell you that if you wait 4 times the T1/2 - that is enough to consider the drug out of the system.

Q. i suffer of seasonal allergy , besides pills , are they alternative methods to treat seasonal allergy?

A. Here are a few sites that may be useful:
Hope this helps.

Q. what is the most natural way to treat seasonal Allergy and to ease symptoms of between seasons?

A. here is a web page with info about seasonal Allergy various treatments:

i hope it's what you are looking for.

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The Revolution seasoner's compact tumble drum is built into the pan of a FastBack horizontal motion conveyor to eliminate damaging product drop points, maintain consistent flow, and save floor space.
They both get tender and sweet in just about the same amount of time and can be used chunky as they come out of the oven, or pureed into a garlicky/tomatoey seasoner. Fresh herbs, such as basil, rosemary or oregano can also be included, but that will limit uses down the road.
The banger has been perfected by Keith and his sausage-making sidekick Tony, the self-styled Tipton Seasoner, after weeks of painstaking research.