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Occurring regularly at certain times of the year, e.g., in the summer or winter (but not usually during both). Seasonal allergies follow the predictable pattern of occurring when pollen circulates in the air. Seasonal infections, like influenza, are most common in the winter.
seasonality (sē″zŏ-nal′ĭt-ē)
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Q. Regarding Seasonal Nasal allergy. My father is suffering from seasonal nasal allergies. He took a 24-hour loratadine pill, 5 hours ago. His nose is still running just like it was. Can I take a benedryl, or is it dangerous to mix loratadine and benedryl? What else can I do to stop my nose?

A. except well known drug interactions- most Dr. check it out with a computer program they have. you need to ask a Dr. or a pharmacist about it. but i can tell you that if you wait 4 times the T1/2 - that is enough to consider the drug out of the system.

Q. i suffer of seasonal allergy , besides pills , are they alternative methods to treat seasonal allergy?

A. Here are a few sites that may be useful:
Hope this helps.

Q. what is the most natural way to treat seasonal Allergy and to ease symptoms of between seasons?

A. here is a web page with info about seasonal Allergy various treatments:

i hope it's what you are looking for.

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The four northernmost counties of New Hampshire --Belknap, Carroll, Coos and Grafton--account for 46,187, or 70 percent, of all seasonal homes in the state, according to the most recent estimates.
New Belgium Seasonal 6pk $8,586,987 -9.0% -$847,891
If the new pattern persists, the seasonal adjustment method will eventually reflect it; if the pattern keeps shifting, however, seasonally adjusted data will become chronically troublesome.
"No matter how clear and careful you are, you will always have some seasonal workers who refuse to accept that their employment is coming to an end," agrees Kelly Hughes, an attorney with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart.
According to the company, it first offers its current associates the opportunity to work extra hours over the holidays, then supplement its ongoing workforce with seasonal hires.
Flexibility of work hours is a high priority for many accounting professionals who choose seasonal work.
Coming up, Jewel-Osco has "a variety of promotions planned for all seasonal candy, timed to coincide with the portion of the season we are in," Hancock says, referencing "candy corn early in Halloween for fall decorating, fun size closer to trick or treat, box chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day [and] chocolate candy dish items for holiday parties." The grocer also runs a combined ad featuring Rolo, Fisher Pecans and Snyder's Pretzels -- the main ingredients in homemade Rolo candy treats -- around Christmastime.
During the year 2011-12, total 13, 56,600 Metric tonnes off seasonal vegetable production was recorded in 67,968 hectare land recording an average 19.95 Metric tones production during this period.
Conceptually, one may define seasonal adjustment as the purging of any variations in economic data that are predictable using the calendar alone.
After final drafts of the intervention models are completed, CPI and PPI analysts meet jointly to discuss the series that have been selected for seasonal adjustment coordination.
Master pie-makers UpperCrust is to launch a collection of limited edition seasonal gastro pies in stores across the UK, from 8th May, The first to be unveiled in the "Seasonal Specials' collection is the Chicken & Pesto Pie, UpperCrust's spring line.