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Patient discussion about sea

Q. Is the dead sea really worth the flight all the way to Israel for psoriasis treatment? I've been hearing from lots of people about it lately. They say the mud and the salt there is a better treatment than anything else. Is that true?

A. The treatment in the dead sea is very very good and recommended for psoriatic patients, if other treatments don't help. It is not the mud and minerals that do the effect, it is mostly the phototherapy- meaning the high exposure to sun, that in your case is very helpful. It is also the stress relief of going on vacation for a few weeks that is known to cause improvement. I think it is worth the money - you are treating your body and soul at the same time.

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"In the 26 years I have been active in this profession, I must have collected more seashells than I have hairs on my head," he laughed.
Students should examine the seashells and record their characteristics on a chart.
He is overwhelmed that people who have seen the seashell portrait have praised it for its high level of workmanship and flair for innovation.
After I'd been at Bangor for four years I got the chance to do a PhD project, looking at how seashells from around the Irish Sea could be used as recorders of the marine environment.
And while natural pearls are a result of the defense mechanisms that seashells use to protect themselves from curious grits of sand, around which they secret concentric layers of nacre, the Ohrid pearls are the fruit of the symbiosis of nature, art and tradition.
Think starfish, coral, seashells and vibrant fish aplenty.
Patrick built his seashell boat, collected in morning's solitude
I am a seashell listen to me what I sing is brook mouths,
Again, "awesome!" The last student adds the seashell while I draw it into my still life not concerning myself with the exact appearance of the seashell.
In other news, PZ Cussons is helping the Seashell Trust, a day and residential school for hearing disabled children.