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1. A tight closure.
2. To effect a tight closure.


Heart surgery A clinical trial–Simple & Effective Arterial Closure Study which evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Duett vascular sealing device


Public health Any air- and/or water-tight closure on a product–blood components, medications intended to maintain a product sterilely until used by a consumer; products with broken seals should be discarded

staining, fluorescein 

The artificial coloration of tissue by fluorescein. Under ultraviolet illumination, it stains dead or degenerated corneal epithelial cells due to abrasions, old age or following inadequate contact lens fit, a yellowish-green colour. It also stains the tears, thus facilitating the evaluation of tear drainage or the blood flow through the retina and choroid when injected intravenously. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear may present in various shapes, locations, depths or severity. A very common form is punctate staining as appears in punctate epithelial keratitis. There may be arcuate stains located in different parts of the cornea, some inferiorly (called inferior epithelial arcuate lesions) or superiorly (called superior epithelial arcuate lesions, acronym: SEAL, or epithelial splitting), which usually do not give rise to symptoms and appear mainly with soft or silicone hydrogel lenses. A very severe form of staining is called epithelial plug. It is typically round in shape and represents a loss of the full thickness of the epithelium. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear typically disappears after cessation of contact lens wear. See fluorescein angiography; dye dilution test; fluorescein test.


1. Tight closure.
2. To effect a tight closure.


1. a marine mammal; member of the suborder Pinnipedia. There are two major groups, the earless seals (family Phocidae) including many species, and the eared seals (family Otariidae) including sealions and fur seals. They are carnivorous and have four paddles which enable them to move on land and to swim.
2. a very dark brown coat color of cats, seen in brown (or sable) Burmese and on the extremities of seal-point Siamese and Colorpoint cats.

seal pox
see sealpox.

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A. honey has an antimicrobial activity due to it's acidity, osmotic power and hydrogen peroxide. about MRSA - there is a New Zealandic research about a type of honey that is effective against infections of MRSA. but it's only one research and another investigation is required.

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Says Randy Davis of Dexter: "The basis weight of non-heat sealable paper is lower than it is for heat sealable paper, but, generally speaking, the packing efficiency pay-off for the heat sealable is greater in an economic analysis.
Davis explains that until recently, packing technology was built around the Constanta-folded, stapled, nonheat sealable with a string and tag.
sealable polypropylene thermoformed food containers for hot products 440,000 units
sealable food trays injected polypropylene for hot preparation 84,000 units
This consultation is to secure the purchase of paper and sealable pouches to secure the title notification of admission with Medical Condition (Soul), in accordance with safety device defined by decree of 10 July 2009 ( OJ 28/07/20009), made pursuant to the Decree 2005-860 of 28/07/2005 (OJ 29/07/2005) on the modalities of admission of requests for medical assistance from the state
Ekco's smoothwall flanged containers are deep-drawn, hermetically sealable, leak-proof, and suitable for use with MAP or CAP applications.
Contract notice: Supplies secure papers and sealable pouches useful for notification of admission of securities to the state medical assistant (ema).
This consultation relates to the purchase of security paper and sealable pouches to secure the title notification of admission to the State Medical Assistance (EMA), in accordance with safety device defined by decree of 10 July 2009 ( OJ 28.
The T400 can be used on a variety of heat-sealable, premade trays produced from mono or multi-layer films, including foam plastics, sealable boards and aluminium which makes it very flexible in use.
This new unit is capable of operating at production speeds up to 130 packs a minute, using most heat sealable films, and it will handle pack sizes between 50 and 550mm in length, 20 to 230mm in length and up to 120mm in height.