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Though such research would require a lot of what Freed calls "genetic scut work," the findings could enable scientists to use captive-breeding programs to produce generations of dis- ease-resistant birds, which eventually could be reintroduced into the wild.
Since his daily work itself (which, we remember, was largely scut work in the kitchen) was not the way into the presence of God, but was merely what he did while in the presence, "the Adamic legacy" of labor as a curse was irrelevant.
We are expected to do the scut work, but they don't want to give us any of the responsibilities or praise that go along with the success of the program.
Mothers wistfully admired their husbands' ability to romp freely with kids, a spontaneity Hays attributes to their willful rejection of parental scut work.
By 1999, the user will sit down to a point-and-click interface that offers them the ability to select off-the-shelf queries that automate much of the scut work of online searching.
Most fellows perform a substantial share of the scut work of modern medicine, for example, by taking night and weekend call on a regular basis.
These tasks represent what one laboratory operations director describes as "the scut work we do day in and day out" (more on this later).
Since the people in PIC training get paid less, they should not be doing scut work.
And the Third-World Gastarbeiter who today do the scut work for so many northern European families were at first unwelcome and are now an indispensable labor force.
Big-name writers who contribute to large feature sections of the Times are being allowed to retain copyrights to their work, while those who do the scut work for the smaller sections day-in and day-out, often under the banner of a staff writer's byline, are not granted that same option.
Political groups spend too much time angling for credit and knocking their rivals, too little time doing the scut work of local organizing.