anterior scrotal veins

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an·te·ri·or scro·tal veins

tributaries of the femoral or external pudendal veins draining the anterior aspect of the scrotum and the skin and dartos fascia of the shaft and base of the penis.
Synonym(s): venae scrotales anteriores [TA]
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However, investigation is carried out for various other factors including the following: a) Varicoceles, presented by dilated scrotal veins, present in 16 per cent of all men but being more prevalent in infertile men at 40 per cent.
Wolverson et al, [8] conducted real-time sonography of the scrotal veins in a group of patients who are clinically suspected cases of varicocoele.
[4] in younger age can be caused by a number of clinical conditions including testicular torsion, epididymoorchitis, torsion of testicular appendages, infected hydrocele, incarcerated inguinal hernia and less commonly by thrombosed scrotal veins, Henoch-Schonlein purpura and fluid leakage from VP shunt.