scrotal swellings

scro·tal swell·ings

the male embryonic genital swellings that fuse to form the scrotum.
See also: labioscrotal swellings.
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[1] Cystic swelling is defined as abnormal collections of fluid within the scrotal cavity; they affect males of all age groups and account for the majority of all scrotal swellings.
We hereby report a case of a middle aged man who presented to us with skin lesions simulating SLT along with neck and scrotal swellings where all investigations failed to reveal any malignancy.
Role of color Doppler ultrasonography in evaluation of scrotal swellings: Pattern of disease in 120 patients with review of literature.
Scrotal swellings although appearing clinically similar have myriad etiologies.
The chapter topics include an introductory chapter on renal function, and continue with chapters on urinary tract infection, evaluation of symptoms, stone disease of the urinary tract, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, renal masses, scrotal swellings, and the investigation of erectile dysfunction.
Among non-neoplastic scrotal swellings, hydrocoele is the commonest pathology noted in 24 cases (54%).
Among patients presenting with chronic complaints like chronic painless skin or soft tissue lump, chronic painless uncomplicated groin and scrotal swellings, occasional PR bleeding or itching or pain and chronic pain abdomen, 53.1% patients presented between 1 to 12 months after onset of symptoms, 37.5% pts.
* To ascertain various types of acute scrotal swellings admitted in general surgical wards of Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences.
To assess the accuracy of high resolution sonography and colour Doppler in the diagnosis of scrotal swellings and testicular lesions.
In present study, we classified the scrotal swellings as extra-testicular and testicular.
30 patients complained of only scrotal swellings, which accounted 60%.
Patients admitted with symptoms pertaining to the scrotal swelling were studied making use of the available facilities in the hospital.