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Nigel Power, QC, said: "She threw a screwdriver towards Mr Hargadon and Mr Jackson.
MIX AND MATCH IT, From a seven piece flat bit set to 37 piece screwdriver bit and socket set, these handy pouches are perfect for little jobs and with six sets to choose from, you can mix and match according to your DIY needs.
Featuring improved functionality and designs, the floating screwdriver series is especially noted to have helped the company to boost its profile in the segment for watercraft tools.
I hammer first - even when a screwdriver might work better - and measure second.
Meanwhile, the Lithium Ion SmartDriver Cordless Screwdriver ($39.
Some folks simply can't be trusted with a screwdriver in their hand, especially the wrong size screwdriver.
BASED around a pair of pliers, all tools lock open on this classic piece of outdoor kit, which has straight and serrated knives, wire cutters, files, a saw, scissors, 3 screwdrivers and a ruler.
50 star-head screwdriver had been sterilised, the operation could continue.
Why do so many of my CPA brethren continue to waste their most valuable asset--time--using screwdrivers instead of the right tools?
8 ounces and also includes more standard features like a stainless-steel blade, two screwdrivers and a bottle opener.
Officers warned the public not to approach Paul Bartlett, Anthony Harbun and Stephan Woolley, who were serving sentences for robbery and burglary at HMP Stafford and may be armed with screwdrivers.
Staffordshire Police are investigating whether the trio used screwdrivers from a workshop to escape from the 627-inmate Category C jail, and following up a possible sighting at Stafford railway station after the break-out.