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He said the screwdriver was from his work belt and that he feared for his safety after being the victim of a previous assault.
We confiscated the ironing table, belt and screwdriver and took the defendants to the police station for further questioning.
I've barely spoken to my neighbours and I'm not going to their door, asking for a screwdriver like a lunatic.
Nigel Power, QC, said: "She threw a screwdriver towards Mr Hargadon and Mr Jackson.
Right, you," I said to the screwdriver box in the absence of anybody else, "time to give up the goods.
On the day of the attack, Simpson drove from Coventry to Exmouth, where he bought a screwdriver, and telephoned the Moules' home to make sure someone was at home.
In a field kit, I have a handy Hoppe's screwdriver handle which stores up to 15 bits.
Horrified passers-by first spotted the duck with the screwdriver buried up to the hilt in his side in June.
Matthews denies he had a knife and claims he lashed out in self-defence with a screwdriver when he was attacked and pinned down on the road by Mr Ross.
If 115 VAC, 35 amps can turn a steel screwdriver into slag, that amount of power almost certainly is enough juice to turn an AE2 into a corpse.
It ergonomically combines the best features of an adjustable wrench, multi-bit screwdriver and pocket knife - all in one compact, high-performing 8-ounce tool.