n the utilization of a screw in order to hold an abutment or prosthesis in place.
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In North America, the trend is toward screw-retained abutments because of concerns regarding cement leakage with cement-retained abutments.
A screw-retained metal provisional abutment was placed into the soft tissue cast and flowable composite was injected around the abutment to the tissue height, capturing the remodeled contours of the soft tissue.
Eight chapters on theory examine the benefits of immediate loading, differences between traditional and immediate loading protocols, strategies for optimizing osseointegration, management of esthetics, and selection of screw-retained or cemented provisional prostheses.
ATLANTIS[TM] abutments help to expand the possibilities for cement-retained implant restorations and are available for all major implant systems and in titanium, gold-shaded titanium and five shades of zirconia, including a translucent white zirconia available for their single-tooth, screw-retained ATLANTIS[TM] Crown Abutment.
Astra Tech Dental, leader and provider of comprehensive solutions for implant dentistry, is pleased to announce the introduction of Atlantis([TM]) Crown Abutment for single-tooth, screw-retained restorations.
as a directly veneered screw-retained single tooth temporary restoration
The SPI System offers implants suitable for subgingival and transgingival placement, and prosthetic components designed for cemented, screw-retained and hybrid denture restorations.