screening test

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screen·ing test

any testing procedure designed to separate people or objects according to a fixed characteristic or property, with the intention of detecting early evidence of disease.

screen·ing test

(skrēn'ing test)
Any testing procedure designed to separate people or objects according to a fixed characteristic or property.


1. examination of a large sample of animals in a population in order to detect the presence of disease or to ascertain the prevalence of certain diseases, such as tuberculosis or diabetes mellitus.
2. in diagnostic tests the use of a test which has a high sensitivity but often only a moderate specificity. Usually this is a quick and cheap test which is followed by a more expensive but more accurate test carried out on the positive reactors to the screening test.
3. fluoroscopy or image intensification (Great Britain).

biochemical screening
using biochemical tests for purposes of detecting the presence of a disease.
multiphasic screening, multiple screening
simultaneous examination of a population for several different diseases.
preventive screening
screening of a population with a preventive medical program in prospect.
screening test
any test, e.g. tuberculin, brucellosis tests, used to screen a population.
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Data Source: A cost-effective study of Down syndrome screening tests based on a computer model including 110,948 pregnancies.
Strategies that increase screening in non-screened populations, improve specificity of the initial screening test, or allow longer screening intervals will be necessary for improved cost-effectiveness in this area.
Developmental screening tests are becoming more common, trying to identify children with developmental delays.
M2 PHARMA-October 15, 2013-Brazilian in-vitro CRC screening tests market to grow at 3.
CSS screening test was schedule to be held on August 15, but due to some administrative reasons the commission has decided not to hold the test this year.
Since other researchers already have cloned one form of the enzyme, the finding may speed efforts to develop an inexpensive screening test for Type I diabetes.
This genetic variability has slowed development of a prenatal screening test for CF, which, to be useful, must detect the vast majority of CF-causing mutations.