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1. to scrape or rub a surface lightly with the nails or with a sharp or jagged instrument, particularly to relieve itching.
2. a slight wound.
3. to make shallow cuts on a surface.
4. to make a thin grating sound.


(skrach) [ME. cracchen, to scratch]
1. A mark or superficial injury produced by scraping with the nails on a rough surface.
2. To make a thin, shallow cut with a sharp instrument.
3. To rub the skin, esp. with the fingernails, to relieve itching. Scratching temporarily relieves itching by soothing the cutaneous nerves, but in the long run, it may worsen the condition that caused the itching. See: pruritus

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Q. why do allergy effects comes usually in sorts of sneezing and scratching and more other thing like that?

A. It's because the substances released in the allergic reaction of the immune system to the allergen, like histamine, cause sensation of itching. They also cause increased secretion of mucus from the lining of the throat, which irritates the airway and cause sneezing.

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Q. Is there any information out there regarding a severe allergy to cat scratches? Is there any information out there regarding a severe allergy to cat scratches? I am not referring to "cat scratch fever" disease, but an allergy where the site of the scratch becomes swollen and red, and the person has hives and trouble breathing. Thanks so much!

A. Greetings Humble Earthling! It sounds like you have two or more things going on. First, cat scratch fever is caused by a parasite and comes on 1 to 2 weeks after the scratch. Allergic reactions are immediate.
Now, if the site of the scratch is swollen and red, that could be due to minor infection and just the process of healing.

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