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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Graduate education A popular term for the ‘mad rush’ to secure a residency slot by US medical students who didn’t get one through the Match

(the) 'scramble'

Graduate education A popular term for the 'mad rush' to secure a residency slot by US medical students who did not obtain a position through the Match. See Match.
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Readers should note that this particular scrambling keyboard feature will be part of the proprietary version of the CyanogenMod OS.
Japan's Self-Defence Forces "responded by scrambling fighters," according to a brief press release from the ministry which came with a map of the Russian planes' flight path.
While none of the Chinese planes violated Japanese airspace during the period, the scrambling of ASDF fighter jets has risen rapidly since the latter half of fiscal 2010, which ended March 2011, the ministry said.
CAIRO: The Egyptian satellite company Nilesat refuted allegations by the Libyan authorities that it is intentionally scrambling Libyan channels on the satellite.
With consumers scrambling off to work and school early each morning, who has time to prepare a hot, nutritious breakfast?
The late Bill Walsh wrote that one in five drop-back passes ends up with the quarterback scrambling.
Frying, poaching, boiling or scrambling the perfect egg takes a little bit of skill, however I have managed to teach my son and daughter to make scrambled egg as good as me.
Ethanol plants have become the Midwest version of the California Gold Rush, with farmers, communities and investment bankers scrambling to be a part of the solution to this country's fuel shortage.
The eight articles, with introduction and notes, include such topics as left branch extraction, scrambling and its discourse, scrambling in the cleft construction of Dravidian, asymmetries between pre-verbal and post-verbal scrambling in Turkish, the acquisition of scrambling in Japanese, VSO-VOS alternation in Tongo, and string-vacuous scrambling and the effect on output condition.
Data encryption is defined as the process of scrambling transmitted or stored information making it unintelligible until it is unscrambled by the intended recipient.
Scrambling involves hiking or climbing over rough or rocky terrain - usually off-trail - and requires agility, a good sense of balance and route-finding skills.
The announcement last week that Councilman Martin Ludlow will take over the top labor job in the county set off some scrambling among some local officials looking for their next job as a result of term limits.