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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Graduate education A popular term for the ‘mad rush’ to secure a residency slot by US medical students who didn’t get one through the Match
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(the) 'scramble'

Graduate education A popular term for the 'mad rush' to secure a residency slot by US medical students who did not obtain a position through the Match. See Match.
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Actually I'd like some Japanese green tea." "And would you like scrambled eggs with sausage?" I sighed.
Swap the fat for some grilled bacon and some poached or scrambled eggs. MUFFIN AND A COFFEE - caffeine and sugar gives a false energy Amanda Hamilton, right, is breakfast consultant to Jurys Inn hotels.
Pesto Scrambled egg with ham served on a warm bagel (serves 4) Ingredients: 12 free range eggs; 4 fresh
Remove toast from the grill and butter, before placing the scrambled egg on top.
By adding the cream you lower the temperature and stop the cooking process, leaving a soft, subtle, velvety scrambled egg that is not rubbery, grey or over cooked.
5 Place spinach leaves on top of the four sides, then avocado and, finally, top with the scrambled egg mixture.
Divide bacon between two halves and top with scrambled egg.
Add chives and carefully spoon scrambled egg into the prepared ramekins.
Sir Angus was the quiet businessman who married into the Royal Family, but confessed he preferred eating scrambled egg at home to socialising at posh functions.
Blissful, luxurious open sandwich of toasted thick slices of brioche spread with Maille Hollandaise, topped with steamed asparagus spears and finished with lightly scrambled egg.
(I used to make grey scrambled egg in a microwave).
It says the first meal of the day for many guests is too often a second-rate affair and relating the experience of one guest, who said: ``The scrambled egg was previously cooked and possibly microwaved, arriving in a curious ramekin shape on a plate.