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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Graduate education A popular term for the ‘mad rush’ to secure a residency slot by US medical students who didn’t get one through the Match
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(the) 'scramble'

Graduate education A popular term for the 'mad rush' to secure a residency slot by US medical students who did not obtain a position through the Match. See Match.
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class="MsoNormalThe second scramble was a battle of wits in the protracted 'Kenyatta Succession' (1966-1978).
Step 6: Flatten the result of Step 5 and append the pixels to sequence q; and subsequently rearrange the sequence to get the final scramble result of the original image.
Scramble is available in three flavors: Leafy Greens, Rancheros and Mediterranean.
This year's Santa Scramble, on Saturday, December 6, will take place in the muddiest assault course in the UK, Clyne Farm in Swansea.
“We are very excited about the upcoming GAM Scramble Local Qualifier,” said Jon Conklin, Head PGA Professional at Bucks Run Golf Club.
And there will be no bunnies at this year's scramble, Riding Club President Kelli Fisher said.
The Session Scramble, which is sponsored by Crosswind Media & Public Relations, runs from Monday, May 13, to Sunday, May 26.
The most exhilarating time for Golfers at the OER CEO 2012 will begin when they compete with their fellow golfers for the thrilling new format known as the 18-hole Texas Scramble golf.
"Mardock Scramble" is a novel from Japanese writer Tow Ubukata, translated by Edwin Hawkes.
The company stressed that there were no problems with the broadcast of any of the Libyan channels on Nilesat, except for one which has the same frequency as the Egyptian satellite channel, adding that there is no way the company would intentionally scramble the Egyptian state-run channel.
A new scramble for Africa?; imperialism, investment and development.
By using the Scramble Scoop[R] device, golfers can reportedly easily pick up grounded golf balls while in a moving cart--without bending, leaning, or stretching.