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A regional term for crack cocaine
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This has opened up the age-old debate for Scrabblers - should they be allowed to look in the dictionary?
While some of the new words in The Chambers Dictionary may be a challenge to crossword puzzlers, they are no doubt a joy to Scrabblers
The group's closest competition was a group of six pickup Scrabble players at the next table calling themselves the Worcester Sharp Scrabblers, with 1,250 points.
Today that big abstraction's at our door For juncoes and the robins all have left, Broody scrabblers pick up bits of string And in this hazy day Of April summer heat Across the hill the seabirds Chase Spring north along the coast: Nesting in Alaska In six weeks.
And, funnily enough, like many of those undignified scrabblers down in Devon, the office vultures often look like well-fed, well-dressed, well-to-do types who hardly seem to be on their uppers.