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scour, scours

1. the chemical and physical cleaning of fleece wool.
2. diarrhea.

dietetic scour
see dietary diarrhea.
peat scour
see secondary nutritional copper deficiency.
scour weed
scour worm
includes the genera Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Cooperia and Nematodirus spp.
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Potential opportunities for the wool scour include restoration works to allow the space to be used by community groups.
Set on the Barwon River, the wool scour has extensive equipment and machinery, including rare 19th century chimney stacks featuring the insignia of its owner, John Haworth.
However, huge numbers of data will be generated and will make it difficult to generate a universal formulation to predict the scour depth.
The error means the different between the result of the fitting formula and the scour depth which is simulated by finite element analysis.
To evolve a management practice suitable to curb the incidence of calf scours in the farm, the basic pathology and the major symptoms of the disease has to be understood clearly (Fig.
Broad spectrum antibiotics including Amikacin, Gentamicin, Sulfadimidine and Penicillin G are commonly used to treat calf scours.
She added that these pathogens are present on most UK farms and that overcrowding could be a serious trigger factor this spring for infectious scour outbreaks.
The main data record in addition to scour depth was strain and displacement on the bridge slab and on the Q set of piles.
The results of the scour depth at the piles with time under fast velocity were presented, and the effect of velocity location on the scour were studied, where fast flow velocity of 0.
com, with more visitors than any competing comparison shopping service (close to one million in September; source: PC Data) is a free, independent, comparison shopping service that scours the entire Web for the products consumers want at the prices they are willing to pay.
Autonomy's intelligent agents can learn about a user's interest in a particular topic and then scour the Internet unattended, looking for relevant documents to bring back to the user.