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scours(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Diarrhea in livestock.

scour′er n.

scour, scours

1. the chemical and physical cleaning of fleece wool.
2. diarrhea.

dietetic scour
see dietary diarrhea.
peat scour
see secondary nutritional copper deficiency.
scour weed
scour worm
includes the genera Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Cooperia and Nematodirus spp.
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Mr Etherington said that officers inspecting the kitchen found a deteriorating wire wool scourer in the sink.
Use a cream cleaner and nylon scourer to remove burnt-on dirt n For glass-topped hobs, remove heavier stains with a specialist hob scrapern For cleaning the inside of your oven, refer to your manual for specific directions.
Dawn went out with the scourer and I think that must have put a few of them off
8DA followed QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Christopher 8 See 9 Dim 11 Plastic 12 Alice 13 All 14 Tea 15 Inflate 17 Keg 19 Rant 21 Obey 23 Scam 25 Tutu 27 Pip 29 Scourer 31 Ass 34 Flu 36 Stain 37 Instead 38 Hug 39 Tie 40 Barley water.
If there is still some left, try using a scourer dipped in a solvent thinner.
A 118-year-old US-made Ureka scourer cleans the grist.
He managed not to swallow the object, a thin, sharp piece of metal from a wok scourer.
The make- up girl used nail varnish remover with a scourer and soon the orange was replaced by a white streak.