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scours(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Diarrhea in livestock.

scour′er n.

scour, scours

1. the chemical and physical cleaning of fleece wool.
2. diarrhea.

dietetic scour
see dietary diarrhea.
peat scour
see secondary nutritional copper deficiency.
scour weed
scour worm
includes the genera Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Cooperia and Nematodirus spp.
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According to results in Table 2, pectinase scoured cotton (ES1, ES2) fabrics have higher degree of polymerization than alkali scoured one (AS).
It is obtained that the all scoured fabrics have lower zeta potential than desized and raw one because they have larger number of accessible surface groups.
This suggests that scoured cotton fabrics can be described as monopolar surfaces with a strong electron donor capacity.
It is obvious that when the scoured range of foundation base exceeds above-mentioned value, the pier foundation may be overturned.
Because scour holes of piers are mostly formed at upriver, after scour of foundation base, the original foundation under unidirectional stress (straight line bridge) has became the foundation under bidirectional stress, and stressed area of foundation base has decreased, all above would cause the condition under stress of the foundation to be worsened which extent changes with scoured position and range of foundation base, so we should pay enough attention to these.
The scoured method of foundation base simulated by this model is changing support pattern of foundation base.
This analysis has separately calculated compressive stress of foundation base and displacement of the top of pier under different scour degrees which scoured area of the pier are 0% (i.
According to calculation and analysis hereinbefore, the maximum compressive stress of foundation base at initial stage reduces slightly with the increase of scoured area with a little variety.
When the scoured area reaches 20%, displacement value increases rapidly.
65 kN x m, vertical load N is 24394 kN, by calculation, under the action of eccentric moment of centroid of area and wind load, limiting state of equilibrium appears when the dimension of scoured part is 5.
Young and other natural-resource professionals say that sand-covered fields and adjacent wetlands scoured by last summer's flooding could be converted to forest-buffer zones at extremely reasonable rates.