scotopic vision

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sco·top·ic vis·ion

vision when the eye is dark-adapted.
See also: dark adaptation, dark-adapted eye.
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sco·top·ic vi·sion

(skō-top'ik vizh'ŭn)
Vision when the eye is dark adapted.
See also: dark adaptation, dark-adapted eye
Synonym(s): night vision, scotopia.
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(1) The functions of the peripheral retina are many and primarily include dim light/ scotopic vision, slow moving object perception, black and white vision, and peripheral visual field extent.
Therefore, photoreceptors of nocturnal geckos, despite the rod-like shape, ultrastructure, and function [1-3], are actually cones evolutionary adapted to fulfill the role of rods and allow scotopic vision. This hypothesis was originally proposed by Walls and it is known as "transmutation theory" [4, 5].
V and B photometry was invented by astronomers for scientific work, not for amateur astronomers using scotopic vision. Perhaps the visual estimates from many years ago found in old catalogs are not so bad after all - at least the correct bandpass was used.