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Plural of scotoma.
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(sko-to'ma) plural.scotomata [Gr. skotoma, to darken]
An island-like blind spot in the visual field.

absolute scotoma

An area in the visual field in which there is absolute blindness.

annular scotoma

A scotomatous zone that encircles the point of fixation like a ring, not always completely closed but leaving the fixation point intact. Synonym: ring scotoma

arcuate scotoma

An arc-shaped scotoma near the blind spot of the eye. It is caused by a nerve bundle defect on the temporal side of the optic disk.

central scotoma

An area of depressed vision involving the point of fixation, seen in lesions of the macula.

centrocecal scotoma

A defect in vision that is oval-shaped and includes the fixation point and the blind spot of the eye.

color scotoma

Color blindness in a limited portion of the visual field.

eclipse scotoma

An area of blindness in the visual field caused by looking directly at a solar eclipse.

flittering scotoma

Scintillating scotoma.

negative scotoma

A scotoma not perceptible by the patient.

peripheral scotoma

A defect in vision removed from the point of fixation of the vision.

physiological scotoma

A blind spot caused by an absence of rods and cones where the optic nerve enters the retina.

positive scotoma

An area in the visual field that is perceived by the patient as a dark spot.

relative scotoma

A scotoma that causes the perception of an object to be impaired but not completely lost.

ring scotoma

Annular scotoma.

scintillating scotoma

An irregular outline around a luminous patch in the visual field that occurs following mental or physical labor, eyestrain, or during a migraine.
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