scorpion fish

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, scorpion fish (skor'pe-on-fish)
Any of the marine fish with spines coated with extremely toxic mucus of the family Scorpaenidae, found in coral reefs worldwide. Those who handle these fish may be stung or even killed by the tissue-destructive enzymes and venoms they release. See: stonefish
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portion dishes that were a joy - potentially overpowering chorizo reined in by mango, a scorpion fish cake with the shredded pastry kataifi, a lively combination of tomato and As the meal progresses, the dishes arrive in waves - bigger than tapas but still dainty and refined enough not to tax the constitution.
Small scorpion fish are common, but this one, caught by Andy Burton, weighed 1lb 3oz and was big enough to earn him third place.
To serve: Spoon some agar-agar gelee onto the center of a plate and arrange some sliced tuna and sliced scorpion fish on top.
"Like the lion fish, they have venomous dorsal fins that can deliver a very serious sting." Which, the book went on, was to say nothing of the scorpion fish, stingray and crown of thorn starfish.
Fish such as gobies, blennies, butterfish and scorpion fish also live here.
These are followed by pumpkin gnocchi with black olives and scorpion fish or lobster tail with fennel.
The prices may be higher than in Geordieland, but there are also things from the deep, like scorpion fish (rascasse) and octopus, which would never be seen in Shields and need to be tried.
"What I saw in the kitchen was about six litres of oil going into this pan, onions, garlic, heaps of fennel seeds, loads of saffron, and then live scorpion fish still wriggling from the market.
She explained: ``There are cod, eels, flatfish, scorpion fish and many others living in the docks but when we dive we see everything from ironing boards to cans and bottles lying there.