scoring system

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scoring system

A standardized method for evaluating the status of a disease, a laboratory specimen, or a radiologic image. Measurable elements of the object under study are rated according to their severity or stage, and the sum of the scores for each rated element is tallied.


determining a score.

scoring system
systematic awarding of points for each performance or appearance.
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Portner said the scoring system could include factors such as an event's location and benefit to the community and an organization's finances and ability to carry out the event without city help.
By using a predictive lead scoring system, the company was able to slim down a set of 100 raw calls to the top 10 calls.
Modified Alvarado Scoring System (MASS) was established by Kalen et al after slightly altering the alvarado scoring system (table-I).
The association between clinical judgement score, scoring system scores, and ischemia time were evaluated (Table 2).
Modified Alvarado scoring is a good diagnostic scoring system used in a day-to-day practice by all clinicians.
He is so convinced of this that he has created an organization whose goal is to achieve consensus on one reliable, validated nail psoriasis scoring system for use in clinical trials.
But he then departed from the group's scoring system to dole out [euro]1.
In the old scoring system, a clear punch fetched you a point, while in the new one the points are given on ring craft, besides on the basis of number of punches landed.
The new scoring system would need to be implemented across the board before May 2015 if it is to be used at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
GB: Bender's scoring system evaluated the overall quality of the reproduction of each design on a scale of 1 to 5 on one design to 1 to 7 on others.
The Scoring System, devised by the cardiology team at City Hospital, in Winson Green, and the University of Birmingham, is used on those suffering from atrial fibrillation, which occurs when a patient develops an irregular heartbeat.