scoring system

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scoring system

A standardized method for evaluating the status of a disease, a laboratory specimen, or a radiologic image. Measurable elements of the object under study are rated according to their severity or stage, and the sum of the scores for each rated element is tallied.


determining a score.

scoring system
systematic awarding of points for each performance or appearance.
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scoring system had a good interrater reliability on a previous study.
The IOA recognises the old body -- the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation which possesses the software for the old scoring system, as a result of which the same pattern is being followed at the National Games.
About NuVal LLC The NuVal Nutritional Scoring System is a unique food labeling system which ranks all foods between 1 and 100; the higher the score, the better the nutrition.
The main idea of the additive scoring system is to score each option that can comprise the negotiation offer by using an artificial criterion like utility or desirability.
Miles (1984) showed that the efficiency of a bipoints scoring system with mean |i and probability P that the better player wins, is given by
As an objective measure of near-miss obstetric morbidity, the scoring system could hold potential as an outcome measure for hospital case review as well as a reproducible maternal health measure for epidemiologic research aimed at identifying trends and risk factors, she said.
The consultation, which closed yesterday (August 15), sought views on the design of the scoring system and the types of businesses that should be included.
We, as an industry, need to capture the creditworthiness for these new immigrant borrowers in a more accurate way through understanding their payment history not captured by traditional credit scoring system," DeHerrera added.
A measurement instrument designed to assess communication skills consists of two parts: (a) the instrument or situation that captures the communication, and (b) the scoring system used to describe or rate the communication.
Frank Stableford, who devised the famous points scoring system, was made a life member at the Wirral club 50 years ago.
An exclusive colorblind MatchMaker scoring system that enables landlords to establish their preferred tenant profile based on more than 20 different parameters.
THE absurd situation of last season, whereby all four spread firms adopted the same complicated scoring system for football mini-performance bets, was ended yesterday when IG unveiled a more basic tariff, writes Bruce Millington.