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noun The 'short form' for any complex optical system–eg, endoscope, microscope verb To perform endoscopy

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Q. I am scheduled for scope surgery for a torn meniscus on my knee and what is the duration for recovery? Has anyone had this surgery for a torn meniscus? How did you deal with this recovery?

A. The recovery process is individual, and you cannot predict it in advance. I know someone who has done it and was able to go back to exercising regularly after 2 months. I would think the recovery from the surgery itself is a matter of few weeks until you can walk properly, however you should still give your knee a break and rest for a while after.

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Knowing your customer's degree of experience and proficiency with a scoped handgun is critical.
I've been involved with handgun scopes from the very beginning, and even now I sometimes have apprehensions when I go afield with a scoped handgun.
However, since all G/K43's were built with scope mount rail integral with the receiver, all can be scoped.