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A narrow, spoonlike instrument for extracting the contents of cavities or cysts.
[A.S. skopa]
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Drug slang A regional term for GHB
Emergency Scoop stretcher
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A spoon-shaped surgical instrument.

bone scoop

A curette for scraping or removing necrosed bone or the contents of suppurative tracts.

bullet scoop

A spoon-shaped object used for dislodging bullets or shrapnel.

ear scoop

A curet for removing middle ear granulations.

lithotomy scoop

An instrument for dislodging encysted stones or debris.

mastoid scoop

An instrument used in mastoid operations.

renal scoop

An instrument used to dislodge or remove small stones from the pelvis of a kidney.
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Wall's Vanilla Light, PS2.20 for 1.8litre, Asda Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 62; saturates, 1.4g; sugars, 7.5g; protein, 1.3g Lower cal how?
The small scoop is marked in 50ml and in 2oz increments, the medium is marked in 100ml and in 3oz increments and the large scoop measures in 200ml and in 5oz increments.
Available in red or black, the Measuring Scoop has a suggested retail price of $18.
Silver-plated and bone scoops generally sell for around PS10 to PS30, bone scoops being harder to find than metal ones.
The DryKeep scoops are FDA GRAS and Code of Federal Regulations 21 compliant.
Scoop: We revealed how pupil ambushed head in happy slap attack; Scoop: We revealed missing gran was found dead after four years
1 Gently spoon the chocolate sauce into the bottom of a tall glass, add 1 scoop of the strawberry fromage frais ice cream, then 1 or 2 tablespoons of the sliced strawberries.
Editor Greg Harkin won the Scoop of the Year for the Stakeknife shocker while the hilarious Newton Emerson cleaned up in another journalism category (see below).
There began a series of scoops, like Reston's sensational publication in 1945 of the secret founding documents of the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, which established the United Nations.
The last scoop to set the new world record was placed by Boca Raton, Fla., franchisee Chuck Keller, son of longtime Carvel employee Stewart Keller who recently passed away.
s Wheyhey Chocolate, PS3.85 for 500ml, Sainsbury's Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 81; saturates, 2.2g; sugars, 0.4g; protein, 7.3g Lower cal how?