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A narrow, spoonlike instrument for extracting the contents of cavities or cysts.
[A.S. skopa]
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Drug slang A regional term for GHB
Emergency Scoop stretcher
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A spoon-shaped surgical instrument.

bone scoop

A curette for scraping or removing necrosed bone or the contents of suppurative tracts.

bullet scoop

A spoon-shaped object used for dislodging bullets or shrapnel.

ear scoop

A curet for removing middle ear granulations.

lithotomy scoop

An instrument for dislodging encysted stones or debris.

mastoid scoop

An instrument used in mastoid operations.

renal scoop

An instrument used to dislodge or remove small stones from the pelvis of a kidney.
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But these were in the days when I lived in the environs of little high streets, with butchers, greengrocers and Indian shops - where you could buy coriander by the armful and scoopfuls of spices.
Then, seeing there was still room in the "rock box" but having run out of time for prospecting, he dumped in scoopfuls of lunar dust, which have remained among the most valuable samples in the Apollo collection.
Pineapple rock, lemon platt, butter scotch, a sugarsticky girl shoveling scoopfuls of creams for a christian brother.
As the girls spread scoopfuls of butter-cream frosting on their pre-baked cupcakes, embellishing them with jellybeans and sprinkles, Ms.