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A narrow, spoonlike instrument for extracting the contents of cavities or cysts.
[A.S. skopa]
Drug slang A regional term for GHB
Emergency Scoop stretcher


A spoon-shaped surgical instrument.

bone scoop

A curette for scraping or removing necrosed bone or the contents of suppurative tracts.

bullet scoop

A spoon-shaped object used for dislodging bullets or shrapnel.

ear scoop

A curet for removing middle ear granulations.

lithotomy scoop

An instrument for dislodging encysted stones or debris.

mastoid scoop

An instrument used in mastoid operations.

renal scoop

An instrument used to dislodge or remove small stones from the pelvis of a kidney.
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Instead of communicating with each other, Scooper and Henny, both experiencing their own guilt, exist in their own little worlds and fail to pay attention to each other:
Interestingly, we discovered that an ice cream scooper provides an interface that is easy to hold and use.
is hoping to have the Mewper Scooper in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
Inset: Grown up Scooper and Spooks star Peter Firth
From there, things start to get weird, as Scooper and a new friend named Deirdre (Katie Finneran) hole up in her apartment on the morning of Henny's operation and begin a sort of anxiety fox-trot, floridly exposing their affection for their mutual psychiatrist, Dr.
No owner should take its dog out for a walk without a pooper scooper or at least a plastic bag.
That's how much it will cost Coventry to employ a pooper scooper task force, whose members will patrol highways and byways.
Students will also visit and climb aboard Super Scooper firefighting aircraft.
I believe it's time to employ a pooper scooper again to keep the streets free of dog dirt.
Rumours abound that Charlize once hired a full-time pooper scooper at pounds 10 an hour, after Stu refused to pick up after their four pooches.
Memorial Meatball Golf Tournament, another highlight of the event, involves participants taking a bowl of meatballs and a clean pooper scooper to one of the ranch fields.
Hmm, if Geri was in charge of the scooper does that make her a poop star?