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Plural of scolex.
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(skō′leks″) (skō′lĕ-sēz″, skol′ĕ) plural.scolecesscolices [Gr. skolēx, worm]
The headlike segment of a tapeworm, by which it attaches itself to the wall of the intestine. Scolices usually possess hooks, suckers, or bothria (grooves) for attachment.


, scoleces (skō′lĭ-sēz″)
Plurals of scolex.
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The scoleces were darkly colored and the surroundings was tinted (Figure 3).
In the aspirate of hydatid cyst mostly scoleces and hooklets are identified.
proglottids or scoleces (i.e., segments or anterior ends) but did not use morphologic characteristics to identify the species of the recovered tapeworm material.
Cytological diagnosis by FNAC is established by the identification of scoleces, hooklets or fragments of laminated membrane (7).