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Plural of scolex.


See scolex.


(skō′leks″) (skō′lĕ-sēz″, skol′ĕ) plural.scolecesscolices [Gr. skolēx, worm]
The headlike segment of a tapeworm, by which it attaches itself to the wall of the intestine. Scolices usually possess hooks, suckers, or bothria (grooves) for attachment.


, scoleces (skō′lĭ-sēz″)
Plurals of scolex.
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The purpose of reporting this case is that a successful diagnostic yield of scoleces and hooklets can be obtained in FNAC of hydatid.
The primary hydatid disease of the bone, caused by Echinococcus granulosus is formed when the scoleces are localized in the bone, and it is seen in 1% to 2.
None of the tetrathyridia showed any morphological evidence of asexual proliferation such as buds or multiple or split scoleces.