sclerosing inflammation

scle·ros·ing in·flam·ma·tion

inflammation leading to extensive formation of fibrous and scar tissue.
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The right coronary artery (RCA) displayed a tumorous lesion consisting of severe inflammation and thickening of the adventitia with obliterative phlebitis of venous branches, sclerosing inflammation of the media, and an increased infiltrate of IgG4-positive plasma cells by immunohistochemistry.
(4.) Sahlin S, Lignell B, Williams M, Dastmalchi M, Orrego A .Treatment of idiopathic sclerosing inflammation of the orbit (myositis) with infliximab .
Although there are indications that a close relationship between RDD and IgG4 sclerosing inflammation may exist, a definitive link between RDD and IgG4 positivity has yet to be established.
Histopathologic evaluation of the biopsies revealed the classic findings of idiopathic sclerosing inflammation. (1) Most of the lesion's volume (more than 90%) was composed of fibrosclerosis; only a small portion consisted microscopically of widely separated lymphoid aggregates or lightly dispersed inflammatory cells.