An injectable irritant used to treat varices by producing thrombi in them.
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An injectable irritant used to treat varices by producing thrombi in them.
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An irritating solution that stops bleeding by hardening the blood or vein it is injected into.
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Arguably, one of the main controversies that surrounds the diagnosis of epididymal cysts is whether to manage them conservatively, or to intervene with surgery or sclerosant injection (this is an uncommon option in contemporary management due to increased levels of pain and/or fibrosis).
Sclerosant injection therapy (Using 5% phenol in almond oil), Lord's Procedure, Rubber band ligation, Photocoagulation, Cryotherapy are some of the treatment modalities used for first- and second-degree haemorrhoids.
Moreover, we used gelfoam particles to avoid complications associated with sclerosant use, such as pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema, portal vein thrombosis, renal failure, and anaphylactic reaction.
Alternative techniques such as aspiration, internal drainage, intratumoral sclerosant application and incomplete resection result in recurrence rates of 90-100%.
Of the 27 studies included, majority of reported adverse events were pulmonary embolism, 12/27 (44.44%), and splenic infarction, 9/27 (33.33%), while others include cases of portal vein, renal vein embolism, sclerosant extravasation, myocardial infarction, diaphragmatic embolism, cerebral infarction, right atrium emboli, esophageal variceal embolism, and subsequent septicemia or DIC.
A sclerosant such as morrhuate sodium can be injected into the GJ aperture, inciting an inflammatory reaction with edema and subsequent fibrosis, thus reducing stoma diameter.
Pascarella L, Bergan JJ, Yamada C et al (2005) Venous angiomata: treatment with sclerosant foam.
The efficacy of ethanol was not compared with another sclerosant agent.
Sclerotherapy is the targeted elimination of small vessels, varicose veins and vascular anomalies by injection of a sclerosant.5 The sclerosing agents include sodium tetradecyl sulfate and monoethanolamine oleate.
(19) ,28,33,34 Operators are cautioned when using high amount of outflow occlusion as sclerosant can reflux into the arterial system if injected too quickly.