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A device for determining the density or hardness of any substance.
[sclero- + G. metron, measure]
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This instrument was named a sclerometer (from the Greek skleros = hard).
A type of blowpipe and a type of goniometer are named for Hirschwald (Burchard 1994, 1998); in the case of the sclerometer, however, precedence is given overwhelmingly to Franz.
On the other hand, others employ more instrumented devices like the "scratching machine," (14-17) Taber test and pin-on-disc machine, (7,18) Ford five-finger test, (8,19-21) single-pass pendulum sclerometer, (2-4,22) scratch apparatus, (23) Revetest scratch tester, (24) needle test, (25) scratch test rig, (9) in-house scratch test apparatus (26) and the "scratch tester." (27) For the micro- and nanometer scales evaluation, there are several commercially available machines, some of which are listed in reference 46, or customized test machines built by individual researchers.