scleral indentation

indentation, scleral

A clinical procedure used in conjunction with indirect ophthalmoscopy in which some slight pressure is applied to the sclera to bring the peripheral retina into view. Retinal detachments and tears, for example, are more easily seen with this procedure. Pressure is usually applied with an instrument called an indentor. The technique is contraindicated in patients with elevated intraocular pressure. See indirect ophthalmoscope.
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Having also worked with two ophthalmologists for 24 years, I recognise that in primary care very few of us can carry out dilated, scleral indentation head set BIO.
Relief of vitreous traction can be achieved with PPV alone for inferior retinal pathology, even for phakic patients, using new enhanced panoramic viewing systems in combination with scleral indentation bihanded approaches.
Working in other hospital eye clinics also means that many of the urgent care optometrists are able to bring with them an additional skill set to perform further tasks such as gonioscopy, scleral indentation, confocal microscopy, naso-lacrimal duct syringing and suture removal.
They reduce the need for eye rotation, head repositioning, or scleral indentation and are particularly advantageous when using the smaller gauge cutters.
Observations in the hospital often leave me in awe at the scale of optometrists' role in this setting, from scleral indentation on a suspect retinal tear, to confocal microscopy in the search for acanthameoba cysts.
Complete 23G PPV with scleral indentation was performed using the Constellation system (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas, US).