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Relating to the sclera.
Synonym(s): sclerotic (2)
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(skler'ăl, sklēr'ăl)
Relating to the sclera.
Synonym(s): sclerotic (2) .
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(sklĕr′ă) plural.sclerae [Gr. skleros, hard]
The outer layer of the eyeball made of fibrous connective tissue. At the front of the eye, it is visible as the white of the eye and ends at the cornea, which is transparent. scleral, adjective

blue sclera

An abnormal thinning of the sclera through which a blue uveal pigment is seen. This may be found in people with disorders of collagen formation such as osteogenesis imperfecta.
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Comparison of the keratometric corneal astigmatic power after phacoemulsification: clear temporal corneal incision versus superior scleral tunnel incision J Ophthalmol 2009; 2009: 210621.
The globe is located in an incomplete orbit and is supported by small, bony plates within the sclera known as scleral ossicles.
Devakani Suresh Kumar, Senior Optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, added: "When we first tried to fit scleral lenses, the patient could not tolerate them because of the dry eye irritation but she was very understanding and became more motivated to have the lenses fitted successfully, so we kept trying.
We are happy to receive a letter concerning our study about corneal, scleral, choroidal, and foveal thickness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and we thank Li and Tan for their positive contributions to our study.
Despite improvements in trocar cannula designs and our better understanding of scleral entry angles, scleral wound incompetence is encountered despite massaging of wound at the end of vitrectomy.
(Remember, grade 4 = 4 structures can be seen: Schwalbe's line, trabecular meshwork, scleral spur, ciliary body.)
A prospective study of the consecutive patients hospitalized for macula-off retinal detachment who underwent scleral buckle surgery, between 01 February 2008 and 30 April 2010, at the Department for vitreoretinal surgery of the Clinic for Eye Diseases in Belgrade, was performed.
But the special dome-shaped "scleral" contact lens is 15 to 22 millimetres and rests on the sclera - the white part of the eye.
- Including corneal perforation in 22 eyes, scleral perforation in 07 eyes and corneo-scleral perforation in 23 eyes.
He negated the need for corneal transplantation in his creation of Boston scleral lenses, and generated scleral lenses to deal with insistent keratoconus and those suffering from Steven Johnson syndrome - his new lenses' beneficiaries.