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The cut and dried fleshy inner scales of the bulb of the white variety of Urginea maritima (Mediterranean squill), or of U. indica (Indian squill) (family Liliaceae); the central portion of the bulb is excluded during its processing; squill contains cardiac glycosides (scillaren-A and scillaren-B) and scillaricide, a rodenticide.
Synonym(s): scilla
[L. squilla or scilla]


n See squill.


African plant genus in the family Liliaceae; includes S. maritima (Urginea maritima, source of commercial red, white squills), S. natalensis, S. nonscripta (bluebell), S. rigidifolia; contains bufadienolide cardiac glycoside.
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Bulbs: Grape hyacinth, Leucojum, Dutch iris, Scilla, Oriental lily, Daffodil
Sprawling over 175 acres in Zoetermeer near The Hague, this mammoth, once-a-decade horticultural extravaganza features a wide array of plants, including hyacinths (43 kinds), lilies (more than 100 kinds of Asiatic and Oriental hybrids), dahlias (6,500 plants), and scillas (60,000 bulbs), as well as fruit espaliers and perennial gardens.
Ajuga (bugle) is ideal and easy, as are geraniums and early bulbs, such as scillas and daffodils.
Again, Scillas, grape hyacinths and daffodils have a better track record than tulips for repeating blooms for years.
22nd: When new raspberry leaves are almost ready for tea, scillas color city lawns blue, and soft touch-me-nots have sprouted in the wetlands.
Snowdrops, erythroniums, scillas, crocus, lilies, alliums and many more can all come and go unobtrusively every year.
Or you could opt for some of the less widely grown bulbs, including scillas and glory of the snow (Chionodoxa), which commonly comes in pale blue although the new Pink Giant variety is a delicate lilac.
Window boxes are simply small, narrow borders and can put on a year-round display with Winter Pansies, Crocus, Snowdrops, Narcissi, Scillas, dwarf Tulips and Primroses in the spring, followed by half -hardy annuals in the summer.
There is nothing quite so mesmerising than a woodland floor covered in hellebores accompanied by early flowering bulbs such as snowdrops, scillas and crocus.
To perk up a winter display, replace badly damaged plants with pots of dwarf, early-flowering bulbs such as scillas and narcissi.
If you have had a continuing problem of the spring bulb flowers or foliage being eaten by deer or rodents, it may be best to avoid planting tulips and croci, as they are prime food for these pests, and instead make greater use of snowdrops, snowflakes, Scillas, Chionodoxas, Muscari (Grape Hyacinths), and splurge on daffodils.