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The cut and dried fleshy inner scales of the bulb of the white variety of Urginea maritima (Mediterranean squill), or of U. indica (Indian squill) (family Liliaceae); the central portion of the bulb is excluded during its processing; squill contains cardiac glycosides (scillaren-A and scillaren-B) and scillaricide, a rodenticide.
Synonym(s): scilla
[L. squilla or scilla]
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The Scilla sibirica, at about 15cm, produces violet bell-like flowers.
it contains loads of Cyclamen, Allium, Ornithogalum, Scilla, Pancratium, etc') (7), urging Fox Talbot to specialise in a particular plant family, 'such as the curious orchideaferns-aroidea-bulbs-euphorbiacea-cacti- or other succulents or any neglected family besides.' (8)
There were a few smaller bulbs, such as grape hyacinth or scillas, but that was about the limit of it.
The true scillas include Peruvian scilla (Scilla peruviana), which naturalizes along the California coast and in most of Southern California, and Siberian squill (S.
Daffodils and all the little blue bulbs - scillas, muscari, hyacinth and chionodoxa can go straight into the ground.
We're watering extensively and, as we go, removing the last remnants of old foliage of spring bulbs, snowdrops, narcissi and scillas.
If you have purchased or received as gifts any of the spring-flowering bulbs such as scillas, croci, grape hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and hyacinth, enjoy them today.
Eventually, bulbs and corms like snowdrops, daffodils and narcissus, crocuses, grape hyacinths and scillas left in the same place, will develop into large clumps and become `blind' and stop flowering.
IN adequately lit but fairly dry positions, some of the Scillas and autumn-flowering cyclamen will do quite well, but you will need to improve the soil first.