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The cut and dried fleshy inner scales of the bulb of the white variety of Urginea maritima (Mediterranean squill), or of U. indica (Indian squill) (family Liliaceae); the central portion of the bulb is excluded during its processing; squill contains cardiac glycosides (scillaren-A and scillaren-B) and scillaricide, a rodenticide.
Synonym(s): scilla
[L. squilla or scilla]
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Instead plant croci, Muscari, snowdrops, glory-of-the-snow, scillas, bulbous dwarf iris, and petite daffodils and tulips.
For a carpet of uplifting, electric blue spring flowers, you just can't beat scillas.
The report, by Professor Paul Rogers and Director of the Oxford Research Group Dr Scilla Elworthy, says: "An attack on Iraq will lead to the use of any weapons of mass destruction the regime can muster.
Set out bulbs of crocus, daffodils, hyacinth, Iris reticulata, scilla, and tulips.
Scilla, Pushkinia, and Glory in the Snow (Chinodoxa), are all good in window boxes, as are Anemone blanda, a corm rather than a bulb, and the late winter, early spring flowering hardy cyclamen, especially C coum and C alpinum.
Blodyn sy'n perthyn i deulu'r lili ydi hwn - Scilla verna ydi'r enw gwyddonol arno - 'Spring Squill' yn Saesneg.
* Scilla siberica - very early flowering, low growing small but bright.
Scilly Love Songs............Wings Seal With A Kiss..Brian Hyland My Gull..................Temptations Rock Lobster............The B52s Tresco Inferno............Trammps White Wedding..........Scilly Idol I'll Be Missing You....Puffin Daddy My Heart Sings..........Paul Anchor Buoys Of Summer....Don Henley Anything by Scilla Black...
At The Butchart Gardens, about 13 miles north of downtown Victoria on Provincial Highway 17, the early flower show features spring-blooming bulbs: anemone, crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, scilla, and tulips.
Combine Lenten roses, Dutch crocus, Snake's Head Fritillary, Muscari, scilla and hyacinths with trailing ivy for stylish containers that shine in the sun and glow in moonlight.
Mi welwch binc clustog Fair, gwyn y gludlys arfor (Silene uniflora), glas seren y gwanwyn (Scilla verna) a melyn y blucen felen (Anthyllis vulneraria) yn gwau drwy'i gilydd i greu un patrwm cyfoethog.