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A person who is engaged in and has expert knowledge of a science, especially a biological or physical science.
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Vox populi A person active in a field of science. See Cited scientist, Clinical lab scientist, Gentleman scientist, New scientist.
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Q. i have heard that number of scientists found out in one of there researches that breasts Cancer is capable to just disappear with out a treatment , have any one read this article/research ? or maybe just heard about it ? because it is interesting why and how this result happens ...

A. hi pinkofdestiny - try also these links, i know and read a lot about the books of Phillip Day and recommend them to everybody. cancer can be healed and there are also ways to make with success prevention:

before a woman should loose her breast, she should make a therapy with vitamine B17 - the vitamin which can eliminate cancer in any form, but you should not know about it! it is terrible, but it is the way how politicians and industry-trust treat us.

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It is a matter of great pride for all of PARC scientists that its chairman has been announced as top productive scientist for the year 2017.
Currently, scientists are analyzing the DNA from different populations of flying foxes.
The discovery stunned not only the scientists, but everyone who learned about it.
The sailors are instruced that the Scientist to Sea ship riders are not to be treated as VIPs, but as personnel who want to learn about how the ship works and to experience the working and living environment of the people who operate and maintain the systems that they--the scientists--design.
* A vulcanologist is a scientist who studies volcanoes.
University ecologists, science educators and natural resource agency scientists have been working with science teachers in a partnership called "Teachers in the Woods".
Both within specific religious traditions and across the traditions, scientists and religious believers engaged in a more sustained, more rigorous, and more productive dialogue than at perhaps any earlier point in history.
Now it is trying to add a new element to its business: access to some of the 3,000 scientists who work at IBM Research, arguably the world's finest R&D machine.
Sooner or later, scientists say, it's bound to happen: Astronomers will discover an asteroid that has a significant chance of striking Earth.
Many major discoveries in the history of medicine have come about by serendipity, when a scientist has had his sights trained on an entirely different topic of research.
In fact, this scientist was one of the few who emphasized the importance of electronic networks for functions other than e-mail.
Kurt Otto Hans Meyer (1883-1952), German teacher and scientist, who besides making many other contributions to chemistry, especially in the realm of natural products, was among the first to recognize, describe, and confirm experimentally that the principal origin of retractive forces in rubberlike materials is the improbability of extended configurations in thermally-agitated, long flexible molecules.

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